bodHOST chooses as file sharing partner

bodHOST has chosen as its file sharing partner, the company said.

The partnership will allow bodHOST to deliver both public and managed private cloud file sharing to its customers.

Now customers will no longer have to relinquish control of their sensitive corporate data in order to enjoy the benefits and ease of use of popular file sharing applications. Additionally, customers will have the unique opportunity to brand and resell the service as they wish. The simplicity of the platform allows customers to implement their own private cloud within the data center of their choice, either locally on premises or in any cloud combination.

BodHOST, with cloud hosting companies in the United States, the United Kingdom and India, serves over 35,000 customers and employs more than 300 employees in 10 geographical locations.

BodHOST was launched in the early 1999 as a hosting company to address the needs of the then booming web hosting world. Since then, bodHOST has been at the forefront of the hosting industry. The ever-changing dimensions and requirements of the hosting world have necessitated numerous changes & advancements. bodHOST has been able to incorporate all these successfully.

Today, operating out of New Jersey, with data centers in Chicago and Montreal, bodHOST is focused on cloud computing, while continuing to address the dedicated server and web hosting markets as well. Located just 25 miles south of Manhattan, and in the heart of the USA´s pharmaceutical and biotech corridor, bodHOST also offers SAP hosting to Corporate America, and is in the process of getting SAP certified as a provider of hosted SAP solutions., the industry´s leading wholesale file sharing solution, offers white label file sharing software to service providers and application owners alike on a private, hybrid or public cloud basis.