Bluvision drives early adoption of Android's nearby notifications feature

Bluvision has teamed with Airside Mobile for an implementation of Android´s recently launched nearby notifications feature, the company said.

Nearby Notifications is a feature for Android that provides contextual app and website experiences related to the things around them.

Bluvision´s sensor beacons were recently deployed near the departure and arrival areas at several international airports including SFO (San Francisco), EWR (Newark), JFK (New York), and SJC (San Jose.) The beacons were configured to broadcast the Eddystone UID signal so when a passenger comes in close proximity to one of the beacons, that passenger receives a nearby notification on their Android phone to download the Airside Mobile app. The new nearby experience provides a mechanism for the Eddystone UID broadcast to take a user directly to the Mobile app on the Google Play Store, simplifying the user´s experience by giving them the apps they need in the location where the app may be most useful. The user does not have to search for the app in the Play Store, instead he/she accepts the nearby notification to download the app if they choose to do so. Providers can also direct users to a web URL using the Eddystone URL feature.

Bluvision supports Nearby integration with Eddystone UIDs. Eddystone UID allows app creators to use the unique hexadecimal code that is created when an app is published on the Play Store, in the beacon´s Eddystone UID broadcast.

Bluvision provides sensor beacons and real-time location system [RTLS] solutions using bluetooth low energy [BLE] technology.

Airside Mobile is a provider of a mobile travel app that enables bypassing airport customs line.