Blueshift Materials Expands AeroZero film product

Blueshift Materials is expanding its AeroZero polyimide aerogel film product availability in the high-frequency and high-speed communications infrastructure market, the company said.

Due to AeroZero´s ultra-low dielectric loss, which has been measured in a range as low as (Df) of 0.0007 — 0.0030 (1 — 50 GHz) and an ultra-low dielectric constant (Dk) of < 1.40 (1 -- 50 GHz), there is increasing interest in this polyimide aerogel for next generation 5G and IoT products in addition to antennas and radomes. The ever-growing need for more data and connectivity is requiring new unique materials to design ever more complex communication systems. Blueshift´s AeroZero combines the benefits of an aerogel with the ease of use of a plastic film. AeroZero retains most of the key properties of polyimide film, such as a wide thermal stability window (-200 °C to +300 °C), fire retardancy, good chemical resistance, and ease of use in multilayer laminates. Polyimides are widely accepted in aerospace and electronics applications. The aerogel benefits, since the material is 85% air, include low density, high porosity, low thermal conductivity, a low dielectric constant and a low loss tangent. Blueshift, with new Headquarters and Operations in Spencer, MA, provides best-in-class state of the art porous materials. Blueshift is dedicated to developing streamlined products for a growing range of applications. For more information, visit