BluePoint provides web-based communications portal

BluePoint Alert Solutions said it has announced BluePoint Command & Control Incident Management System powered by Emergency 24.

The new web-based communication portal is designed for better managing life-threatening events of all sorts, armed intruders, hazardous material releases, natural disasters, etc.

The new capabilities are now included in all BluePoint systems. BluePoint is quickly being adopted by schools, hospitals, government facilities and business campuses to speed response times and improve safety in the face of increasing threats of violence within building and campus environments.

Similar to a standard fire alarm, occupants can activate a BluePoint pull station and instantly notify police or first responders of an emergency situation to expedite a rapid response. It also communicates internally through blue strobe lights and building-wide announcements to initiate emergency management protocols that are proven to save lives in times of chaos and crisis.

BluePoint Alert Solutions was founded to help speed the response times of police and other first-responders in the event of an active shooter or other emergency situation where lives are at stake.