Bluejet comes to Times Square

Shenzhen Qianhai Bluejet Aviation Service Ltd (Bluejet), a provider of corporate and private flight services through China´s largest and most comprehensive private flight services platform, on June 16, 2017, had its message appear on the large digital screens overlooking Times Square, advocating for the promotion of shared access to and shared leasing of privately owned aircraft across China, the company said.

Bluejet CEO Cheng Xingming is a firm believer in the idea that China will surpass the USA as the world´s largest private aircraft market.

As China achieves its economic targets in terms of the large-scale construction of expressways and high-speed railways, a rise in the number of airport construction projects has been another feature of the infrastructure build-out taking place across the country.

As the first Chinese private flight services provider to use Times Square as a forum for its messaging, Bluejet made a statement to the world about China´s embracing of the concept of shared access to privately-owned aircraft. Within the three years since the Chinese government announced a plan in 2015 to build general aviation airports in 2,800 counties across the country, to date, construction of over 500 airports has either already been completed or is in process.