Bluehost script updates WordPress sites

Bluehost has developed a new script designed to update WordPress websites and increase site security, the company said.

Bluehost´s code successfully updated more than 2.5 million WordPress sites on its platform and has been released to the open source community.

After determining that a significant number of customers were running outdated versions of WordPress, Bluehost´s development team created a unique Perl script utilizing WP-CLI (WordPress-Command Line Interface) and custom code to update WordPress sites going back to version 1.0.2. Bluehost completed exhaustive tests and reviews to ensure the script resulted in minimal disruptions or site downtime.

In this impressive undertaking, 99 percent of WordPress sites on Bluehost´s platform were upgraded successfully with fewer than 0.007 percent of customers reporting any issues. Since implementation, the company has seen a significant 18 percent reduction in technical support requests relating to WordPress. Bluehost has further implemented this new technology to continually update WordPress websites to ensure customers on its platform enjoy the security of an up-to-date WordPress site going forward.

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