Bluebird Network expands broadband fiber in Hannibal

Bluebird Network, a Midwest telecommunications company, has expanded its high-speed broadband fiber in Hannibal, Missouri, the company said.

Through the buried fiber routes, the fiber optic infrastructure in the City results in access to more high-speed communication services that the City wants, the public wants, and that Bluebird is proud to provide.

The fast and efficient broadband infrastructure serves the City, its agencies and local businesses, and provides the ability to connect other broadband areas to the City, which supports the drive for economic growth.

The expansion of this network provides lateral build opportunities to connect nearby rural communities to the City, and will ultimately provide fiber for business growth within the future Industrial Park. With businesses depending heavily on the power of digital communication, this expanded network sustains high performance, speed and reliability while being utilized by the community.

Bluebird Network, headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, was formed by integrating Bluebird Media, Missouri Network Alliance, and Illinois Network Alliance. To learn more, visit