BlueBird Aero Systems awarded order from European customer for 150 VTOL UAS

BlueBird Aero Systems has announced it has received an order worth tens of millions of euros from a European customer for the delivery of more than 150 WanderB-VTOL and ThunderB-VTOL vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) UAS of various categories, the company said.

The WanderB-VTOL Mini UAV and ThunderB-VTOL Tactical UAV will be operated by infantry soldiers, armored units, artillery corps and special forces. The contract marks the largest-ever sale of tactical VTOL UAS.

BlueBird was preferred over other suppliers due to the fact that the WanderB-VTOL and ThunderB-VTOL offer high operational flexibility and deliver best performance in their categories.

The end user was specifically looking for a highly mobile UAS, which can be carried in small cases, and the small ones even in a soldier´s backpack.

BlueBird Aero Systems is a global developer and provider of superior micro, mini and small tactical unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). BlueBird´s advanced UAV systems, operational in Israel and worldwide since 2006, have performed over 52,000 operational sorties and open area support, as well as urban scenarios and tactical mapping on demand (TMOD) for military, HLS, peace-keeping, low intensity conflict, security, disaster management, law enforcement, search and rescue and commercial applications.