Blue Skies Drone Rental partners with ParaZero

Blue Skies Drone Rental LLC (BSDR) has announced a strategic partnership with Israeli based ParaZero to provide state of the art parachute safety systems for popular drone models, the company said.

Under the agreement BSDR will provide sales of ready to fly (RTF) kits with the DJI M600pro and other popular models, including support and training on the safety systems.

ParaZero SafeAir parachute systems incorporate patented technology to safely and immediately activate a parachute, while simultaneously cutting power to the motors, whenever indications of a crash (such as power loss or excessive pitch or roll) are detected. The parachute is deployed in a similar way that a car airbag is deployed. On descent, a loud buzzer sounds to warn bystanders of the descending drone.

Blue Skies Drone Rental was founded in 2014 with the objective of providing drone/UAV solutions to the nascent drone community. It began with small drone rentals to hobbyists and has since expanded to providing full sales, services, training and support to the expanding commercial drone market in the industries of photography, professional cinematography, construction, agriculture, engineering, surveying, inspection, police, security, fire, and SAR.

ParaZero Drone Safety Solutions was founded in 2014 in Be´er Sheva, Israel. The company was founded by a passionate group of avionic professionals, together with veteran drone operators, to solve the industry´s primary challenge — safety.