Blue Danube, Redline to Introduce 3D Beamforming in Private LTE/5G Markets

Blue Danube Systems, a provider of mobile wireless access solutions that significantly and cost effectively increase network capacity and Redline Communications, a-edge provider of industrial wireless broadband network connectivity solutions for mission-critical applications, has announced a strategic collaboration to deploy 3D beamforming solutions in Private LTE/5G networks, meshing together each companies´ platforms and technologies, the company said.

The companies have also announced plans for further research and development to advance integrated solutions to transform experiences in industrial deployments.

Industrial companies often have local connectivity needs and operate in remote locations or temporary sites, such as mines, power plants, offshore oil rigs, container ports, factories and warehouses where connectivity for these environments can be challenging.

While standalone wireless networks to serve devices and users within a localized area have significantly improved performance and reliability, the rapid growth of industrial automation — e.g. IOT devices and autonomous vehicles — brings new challenges and opportunities for these private networks. According to Harbor Research (1), Private LTE for industrial and business markets will grow more than 3-fold between now and 2023, reaching nearly USD 70 billion in estimated annual revenue.

Blue Danube´s Coherent Massive MIMO solution has consistently exceeded commercial wireless network improvement objectives as well as demonstrated unprecedented beamforming flexibility with mobile operators worldwide. The commercial evaluation with Redline is expected to demonstrate that the combined solution of Redline´s baseband product and Blue Danube´s Massive MIMO radio can characterize and flexibly adapt to the unique radio characteristics and everchanging footprint of industrial locations and still meet the latency and throughput requirements of deployed applications.

Blue Danube Systems designs next generation wireless solutions for mobile networks and other applications. Blue Danube Systems is a privately held start-up backed by Sequoia Capital and Silver Lake along with other investors including AT&T. For more information, visit

Redline Communications (TSX:RDL) designs and manufactures powerful wide-area wireless networks for mission-critical applications in challenging locations. For more information visit