Blue Cedar to help develop next-generation FIPS module

Blue Cedar has announced it has joined an industry initiative to develop the next-generation open-source FIPS 140-2 module for OpenSSL, the company said.

Blue Cedar will collaborate with established industry leaders, including Open SSL, Akamai, NetApp, and VMware, in the effort to upgrade and improve secure data transfers using the OpenSSL cryptographic library.

Updating the open source FIPS 140-2 module, which is currently used by millions of web servers and Internet-connected devices, will make it easier for companies to comply with the ubiquitous TLS and SSL open source cryptographic standards.

Blue Cedar enables organizations to leverage the power of mobile, IoT, and other edge devices with security solutions that protect mobile apps and data whenever and wherever they are being used. Blue Cedar´s powerful, in-app security solutions free enterprises and app developers from the need to trust specific users, devices, or back-end services, protecting sensitive information on any mobile device. The company´s customers include healthcare, financial services, government, and industrial enterprises. Blue Cedar is funded by venture capital firms and is headquartered in San Francisco.