Bloombase gets dual certification with HPE

Bloombase said it has announced two successful certifications with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE): 1) its HPE Helion Ready certification, indicating its readiness to support HPE Helion OpenStack; and 2) interoperability with HPE Security ArcSight.

This dual certification extends Bloombase support with HPE data-center and security products in offering an interoperable encryption solution to mitigate data exfiltration threats (adding to HPE Atalla Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM), HPE on-premise 3PAR storage and StoreEver tape libraries, HPE ProLiant servers, and Integrity Certified for OpenVMS).

While data storage in clear text remains the fundamental cause of data exposures, the addition of inbound threats adds a serious dimension to the data risk profile: sponsored espionage, data theft, disgruntled employees, insider threats, hardware theft, leakage caused by malware and viruses, various vulnerabilities as result of outsourcing, 3rd party MSPs, off-premise cloud etc. all exacerbate risk. As a universally-accepted best practice, there is no substitute for encryption for data-at-rest as the last line of defense.

Bloombase is a worldwide provider and leading innovator in Next Generation Data Security from Physical/Virtual Datacenter, through Big Data and to the Cloud.