Blockchain to be connected with enterprise-wide data by Syncsort

Syncsort, the global provider of Big Iron to Big Data software, has announced that it has joined Hyperledger, an open source collaborative effort to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies hosted by the Linux Foundation, the company said.

As a member, Syncsort will leverage its Syncsort Integrate data integration and data quality software and expertise to help support development of the shared technology resources while accelerating innovation through open source leadership and participation.

While investments in blockchain are growing, especially in the financial world and supply chains, it still faces significant challenges. Aside from the fact that many have a narrow view of blockchain (associating it only with bitcoin), there are technological investments needed around governance, scalability of the platform and usability. With Hyperledger, Syncsort will tackle the challenge of data preparation, enrichment and movement on and off blockchain.

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