Blockchain router accelerates Tencent game

Technical company Tencent has started to explore Crowdsourced CDNs provided by Newifi´s router to accelerate its self-developed Game King of Glory, the company said.

This top-grossing game is the mobile version of League of Legends, which already has 200 million users in China.

The 7621A dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, 32M Flash Newifi 3 is the only smart router available nowadays for mining in the global market. This means that every ordinary family can have this premier router to share idle bandwidth and storage resources. In return, they will be assigned tokens through smart contract.

The blockchain revolution has been recognized not only by technology and electronics hardware companies, but also by investment agencies and Internet giants. Newifi´s sharing concept, environmental friendly nature, and low barrier of entry for acquisition of mining hardware will help Newifi to make one step ahead of the revolution.

Newifi 3 router, the first block chain-powered router in the world, was developed and launched by Diting Technology. The tech startup launched mini Newifi, Newifi 2 with Lenovo and Baidu in 2014 and was listed on New Third Board in China in January, 2016.