Blinker mobile app to transform private-party used-car market

Blinker, a free mobile app that empowers people to buy and sell their used cars without visiting auto dealerships or banks, has launched in its home state of Colorado, the company said.

The Blinker app transforms the used car market by guiding users through steps to complete their auto transactions from a smartphone. With just one photo, users learn a car´s year, make, model, equipment, value and miles–in seconds. With another photo of their driver´s license, a seller can list their car and a buyer can get approved for financing–in minutes. The Blinker app handles purchase offers and payments, ensures the seller is paid in full and also completes official title documents.

Blinker uses patent-pending, image-recognition technology, enabling customers to buy and sell used vehicles without middlemen. The company is led by a team of auto and finance industry veterans.