BLADE launches short distance aviation flight from Boston

BLADE has launched air service between Nantucket, Boston and Hyannis adding to its pre-existing routes servicing the Cape between Nantucket, Manhattan, and Westchester, the company said.

BLADE said it partnered with Uber Boston to kick off this new route to offer joint flights under the moniker UberAIR powered by BLADE.

Over the past year, BLADE has increased its serviced routes from three Hamptons destinations to 22 destinations in five states. Additionally, BLADE has increased the number of strategic aircraft operator relationships it has from one to twelve. This has grown BLADE´s accessible fleet to over 60 aircraft including single engine, twin-engine and cabin class helicopters, land planes and seaplanes, as well as heavy jets used for seasonal BLADEone jet service between Manhattan and Miami.

BLADE was co-founded in 2014 by CEO Rob Wiesenthal and Steve Martocci, founder of group messaging platform GroupMe.