BLADE launches 3rd season of New York-Miami jet service

BLADE´s enhanced jet service, BLADEone, has been retrofitted for 16, enabling tremendous additional space as well as a higher level of personal in-flight service, the company said.

With BLADEone´s spacious and clutter-free cabin, fliers enjoy unparalleled privacy during their flight, rather than the communal atmosphere of shared private jets which are configured for in-flight interaction between business colleagues and families. Given the common area space afforded by the retrofit (including the removal of overhead bins), passengers also have ample room to socialize with other fliers, if they so choose.

BLADE´s BLADEone jet service (operated by CFM Management) began its third season during Art Basel week with an expanded schedule adding Thursday evening departures to Miami as well as Monday afternoon returns to Manhattan throughout the season.

BLADE, the digitally powered aviation company, leverages mobile technology and an on-the-ground customer experience network to enable travelers to enjoy enhanced yet cost-effective air travel. BLADE is also the largest arranger of helicopter flights between Manhattan and all area airports. BLADE´s network of affiliated operators enables users to book a helicopter and depart within 20 minutes of booking. The four- to six-minute flight typically saves between one and two hours of driving time between Manhattan and most area airports.