BLADE expands LA helicopter service

Aviation company BLADE Urban Air Mobility, Inc. has announced the expansion of its helicopter service in the Los Angeles area to include by-the-seat helicopter routes and a new downtown LA rooftop heliport lounge, the company said.

This development advances the company´s mission of enhancing the reach and affordability of intra-city aviation. New helicopter routes are between key Los Angeles destinations including Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), BLADE Lounge DTLA, the LA Westside, Orange County and Burbank.

BLADE´s LA operations utilizes Airbus H130 helicopters, aircraft with one of the lowest noise and environmental footprints in the helicopter industry. All flights strictly follow Los Angeles noise abatement routes, altitudes and best practices. BLADE is also taking important steps in reducing our carbon footprint, having achieved carbon neutrality for the company in its entirety this past summer.

BLADE is a digitally-powered aviation company and the largest arranger of helicopter flights for civilian travel in the United States. By leveraging its technology platform, strategic lounge network of 10 dedicated properties in four states, and its integrated partnerships with over 30 aviation operators, the company has expanded its offerings from one route in one state to 22 core routes in seven US states.