Blackhawk Network acquires NimbleCommerce

Blackhawk Network has acquired NimbleCommerce, a digital commerce platform and network for promotions, the company said.

NimbleCommerce allows merchants and brands to manage their own prepaid offer and gift card programs, or resell through a network of retailer and publisher branded sites.

The acquisition adds hundreds of new distribution points encompassing media outlets, deal websites and other publishers to Blackhawk´s ecommerce platform, and also adds thousands of merchants, including local and regional merchants, to Blackhawk global offerings.

Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAWK) is a prepaid and payments global company, which supports the program management and distribution of gift cards, prepaid telecom products and financial service products in a number of different retail, digital and incentive channels.

NimbleCommerce is a commerce platform and distribution network for digital promotions. The company helps merchants sell their own pre-paid offers and gift cards through a network of publisher branded sites. Its services include an e-commerce platform, merchandising and promotions system, offer redemption system for merchants, syndication platform, mobile capabilities, email campaign management, analytics and reporting.