Blackbird launches Uber-like local air traffic process

Airline startup Blackbird has reported its plans to launch initial service of local flights in California using an Uber-like process, beginning January 2017, the company said.

The company said it plans to operate its first route from Palo Alto to Truckee, with no subscription or signup fees. The airline intends to offer flights Friday through Sunday, expanding to other days based on customer demand. Blackbird said it plans to add six additional routes throughout California, in 2017.

Blackbird was created to solve a gap in regional air travel, with customers having to choose from private jets, commercial flights that fly through an out of the way hub or the inconvenience of driving for several hours. Decades of airline consolidation have eliminated local commercial providers and their point-to-point flights.

Blackbird is a technology-driven airline delivering a private flight experience. The company, founded by entrepreneur Rudd Davis, partners with charter companies to fly high demand routes.