Black Sage offers low-cost solutions for drone protection

Black Sage Technologies, a leader in the development, integration and deployment of counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) solutions, has announced it has offered support and expertise to governments and commercial entities looking to protect critical infrastructure, human life and economic vitality, the company said.

The comment was made in light of the recent drone attack on oil resources in Saudi Arabia.

As a leading C-UAS solution provider, Black Sage identifies, classifies, tracks and defeats UAS threats for military, government, law enforcement and civil applications. Black Sage has proven experience securing critical power and government infrastructure globally, including in the Middle East region. Black Sage employs a hardware-agnostic approach, integrating best-of-breed sensors with its proprietary target classification, video target tracking and defense automation, providing adaptable, end-to-end C-UAS solutions to address a wide range of missions.

Black Sage´s UASX-branded C-UAS systems have been successfully deployed in support of fixed-site security, critical infrastructure protection and commercial event airspace monitoring. Black Sage´s customers include US Government Agencies, the Department of Defense, U.S. Aerospace & Defense prime contractors and allied military and government customers in Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Black Sage is a fast-moving defense technology integrator specialized in autonomous airspace protection solutions to take down small remote piloted aircraft systems. With an ensemble of sensors, effectors and machine intelligence tools, Black Sage answers some of the most challenging counter-UAS mission requirements in critical infrastructure, internal security, and civil defense. Black Sage is dedicated to maintaining safety and security.