BittWare Expands Portfolio with Multiple Industry-First Capabilities on FPGA Acceleration Products

BittWare, a Molex company, a supplier of enterprise-class compute, network and storage products featuring FPGA technology, continues to expand its offerings and solutions to further address the growing need for computing technology, the company said.

The new BittWare offerings provide high-end, integrated solutions for memory bandwidth and advanced cooling, enabling customers to go to market faster.

BittWare´s broad range of compute-focused accelerator cards includes HBM2-enabled FPGAs from both Intel and Xilinx yielding up to 4Tbps of bandwidth. These Stratix-10 MX and Virtex UltraScale+ based products are now shipping with a choice of abstracted toolflows, including OpenCL.

A new alternative to high-bandwidth memory implementation, on display at SC19, will be BittWare´s new S7t accelerator card developed in conjunction with Achronix Semiconductor Corporation. This is the world´s first product featuring the newly announced Achronix® 7nm Speedster®7t FPGA, which offers a range of breakthrough capabilities including low-cost and highly flexible GDDR6 memories that deliver HBM-class memory bandwidth without the HBM, as well as a revolutionary 2D Network-on-Chip (NoC) for high bandwidth and energy-efficient data movement.

BittWare, a Molex company, provides enterprise-class compute, network, storage and sensor processing accelerator products featuring Achronix, Intel and Xilinx FPGA technology. These programmable products dramatically increase application performance and energy-efficiency while reducing total cost of ownership.

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