Binter Canarias chooses Discover the World for UK sales

Binter Canarias, the regional carrier for the Canary Islands, has recently selected Discover the World to market and sell its services throughout the UK, the company said.

Discover the World has earned a reputation as a leader in global travel distribution and its success in developing a worldwide network of 85 offices in more than 60 countries capable of exceptional representation performance is unmatched. With a portfolio of nearly 100 clients utilizing its sales, marketing and business process outsourcing services, Discover the World remains a dominant innovator for the travel industry.

Established in 1989, Binter Canarias operates 180 daily flights that connect the Canary Islands to 12 international destinations including Agadir, Banjul, Cape Verde, Dakar, Dakhla, El-Aaiún, La Palma, Lisbon, Maderia, Marrakech, Punta Delgada and Sao Vincente. In 2016 Binter Cape Verde began to operate and followed the Canary Islands´ inter-island transport model. The airline has acquired one of the largest ATR fleets in Europe. For more information, visit