Billion's LTE ODU, M2M Routers Implemented for Remote Control in Japan

Billion Electric Co., Ltd. (TWSE: 3027, trading as Billion), a supplier in network communication and known for its premium product quality, reliability, and performance, has entered Japan with the company´s award-winning BiPAC 4700 outdoor LTE and M2M routers series implemented in solar farms where the temperature can reach – 40°C, the company said.

The project has helped one Japanese sizeable System integration company obtain stream image and enable remote control on-site instruments through advanced LTE technology in harsh and rural environments.

The Japanese firm has suffered from poor connection and a lack of robust networking solutions in the past several years. Billion provides a combination of LTE networking solution, M100, featuring industrial level enclosure and high-performance LTE connection, to overcome the challenge of managing the performance of multiple outdoor devices.

The Japanese client further leverages the conjunction of Billion´s Central Management System so that all routers can be easily managed from different sites without manual overhead and create an easy remote access for field engineers.

Billion flagship M2M router series, featuring single/dual LTE, VPN, RS-232/RS-485, and UL Class 1 Division 2 certification for explosion-proof, are specially designed for remote measurement and monitoring. The M2M Routers use the LTE network as a transmission backbone to execute remote measurement and send monitoring information back to the control center in the natural gas field.

In addition, certified by EU E-Mark, Billion´s in-vehicle routers with dual LTE, Wi-Fi Hotspot and anti-vibration have been deployed for smart buses and police cars, providing superior high-performance, service reliability, and secure connectivity. In North America, Billion is selling LTE products with BEC brand to telecom channels by getting certification from service providers (AT&T / Verizon / T-Mobile / Sprint). Now, BEC is the largest outdoor Fixed Wireless Broadband provider in the USA.

Since 1994, Billion Electric has been providing comprehensive network solutions to serve a variety of enterprise, commercial, and mobile network applications and vertical markets in the development of ICT solutions, including access devices and central management systems. The ICT conglomerate penetrates distribution network in over 40 countries working with regional partners to drive global LTE deployment.