Benu Networks parental control solution supported on Wi-Fi and cellular networks

Benu Networks, a provider of innovative virtual network solutions that enable service providers to rapidly create and deliver next generation IP services, has announced it has the industry´s only genuine parental control solution available in today´s market, the company said.

Unlike other vendors, Benu Networks´ tamper-proof parental control solution safeguards children by extending the parental control policies outside of the home — to any device and network that a child may access.

Currently, all other vendors only offer a partial parental control solution with various enablement constraints and significant limitations to the actual enforcement of the controls set by a parent. Most vendors provide parental control policies that can only be enforced on the home network, this leaves a child completely unprotected when accessing other networks and allows for complete unrestricted online access whenever that child is not at home.

Other parental controls solutions are enabled by a mobile application loaded onto the child´s phone, however these applications can be tampered with and easily deleted or disabled from the phone. There are also parental control solutions that are only enabled when connected to a Wi-Fi network, which allows a child to access the cellular network to avoid any online restrictions.

Benu Networks´ parental control solution ensures that the security policies assigned by a parent to a child are enforced across all devices and networks — wherever and whenever that child is online. Benu Networks´ solution is also tamper proof since it is not enabled by a mobile application downloaded to a child´s phone. Utilizing Benu Networks´ intuitive dashboard, parents can easily administer the appropriate settings specific to each child.

Benu Networks´ carrier-class Virtual Service Edge (VSE) software platform enables the rapid creation and delivery of next generation IP services over a converged infrastructure, and empowers service providers to increase revenue, expand market leadership, and meet the dynamic needs of their business, residential and mobile customers. For more information, visit the Benu Networks´ website: