Benefits of Using Magnetic GPS Trackers to Locate Cars in Real-time

Modern-day GPS technology has paved the way for advanced tracking devices that can increase the security of vehicles and optimise business operations by offering a tool for tracking the location of almost anything that moves.

There is a myriad of GPS tracking devices on the market that come in different shapes and are equipped with powerful features. With thousands of different devices to choose from, it can be hard to decide on a device that completely matches your specific needs. Choosing the right tracking device for the task is crucial. Because each device serves a different purpose, for individuals it’s keeping an eye on your car, for business owners it’s keeping track of field employees during work hours, and for families, it can even be for tracking the location of children or Alzheimer’s patients. Based on your specific requirement, there are different options; solar-powered, hardwired or battery-powered tracking devices.

For GPS tracking a car, it’s ideal to use a hardwired tracker. Because by hardwiring a tracking device to a car, you are able to provide it with power, and you will be able to get notifications on when the ignition is turned on or off. But if for example, you wish to track different cars each day and don’t want to purchase a dozen of tracking devices, you should use a battery-powered tracking device with a magnetic case that you can easily move between vehicles whenever necessary.

While it is extremely easy to attach one of these nifty gadgets to a vehicle or an asset, it is also important to keep the laws in mind. Whether it is your employee or one of your family members, it is illegal to install a GPS tracking device to track the location of a person or collect data about their movements without their consent.

How Do Magnetic GPS Trackers Work?

Battery-powered tracking devices are equipped with powerful magnets, or they can be put inside a magnetic case that is sold separately. Hardwired tracking devices require an external power source as they do not have batteries. But, magnetic GPS trackers can be installed anywhere on a vehicle or an asset as long as the device has a clear line of sight to receive GPS signals. A Magnetic GPS tracker continuously transmits GPS data and other essential information, such as vehicle speed and risky driver habits. Recharging a magnetic tracker is quite easy too, you can simply remove the device and reattach it once it is fully recharged.

Advantages over Hardwired GPS Trackers

Unlike hardwired tracking devices, placement options are limitless for these practical devices, and it is one of their main advantages. You can keep tracking the movements of your vehicles and assets in real-time, even if they are stolen or moved without your authorisation. One thing to look out for is thick metal surfaces and magnetic areas which can prevent the radio signals from reaching your tracking device.  This may cause your tracker to miscalculate the position of your vehicle or completely stop the tracker from broadcasting its location. There is no compatibility issue for magnetic GPS trackers; they can be attached to all types of vehicles, trucks or assets without any technical knowledge as long as there is a suitable metal surface. The location of a GPS tracker is crucial for transmitting the recorded data; you don’t want your tracker to stop broadcasting its position or feeding you essential data due to interference.

Tracking Assets

Magnetic GPS trackers are one the best tracking solutions when it comes to keeping tabs on valuable assets, expensive machinery and containers. There are a lot of business industries that can benefit from these convenient devices. Construction companies, transport and logistics enterprises and utility businesses can have their entire vehicle fleet, and portable assets fitted with a magnetic tracking device in no time and start tracking them without having to go through a painful and lengthy installation process. Asset theft is a serious issue around the globe, but these efficient devices can prevent the loss of valuable equipment and machinery with powerful tools such as anti-tamper alerts and motion sensors.

Battery Life and Durability

Battery life is generally seen as a disadvantage for magnetic GPS tracking devices but, on the contrary, these trackers can last for months, sometimes, years on a single charge. Depending on the tracker type and data transmission intervals, you can find battery-powered tracking devices that have extremely long standby duration. Business managers can plan their field operations or send their employees on work orders without having to worry about recharging the tracking device on a regular basis.


Having a GPS tracker that can be hidden away anywhere on a vehicle or an asset has countless advantages. Fleet managers can transfer a magnetic GPS tracker to another vehicle within minutes, or they can track the movements of their assets without any installation. If you lack the technical knowledge to install a tracking device, battery-powered magnetic trackers are ideal for keeping track of your vehicles and assets.

Magnetic GPS trackers offer a wide range of placement options, unlike their hardwired counterparts. They can be placed inside or on the exterior of any vehicle, asset or equipment as long as they have a flat metal surface. With their long battery life, powerful features and durability; magnetic tracking devices offer an alternative solution for business managers and car owners who are looking for an easier way to benefit from the GPS technology. Magnetic GPS trackers are a user-friendly and convenient alternative to other tracking devices on the market, and as long as they are properly installed, you can start tracking the location of your loved ones, vehicles and assets immediately.