Beepsend partners with Cellusys to monetize A2P SMS for mobile operators

Beepsend has partnered with Cellusys to deliver an offering to mobile operators for monetisation of application-2-person (A2P) SMS messaging, the company said.

Mobile operators voted Beepsend a Tier-1 Provider of A2P SMS Messaging and Cellusys a Tier-1 SMS firewall provider. This collaboration addresses the increasing demand operators have for network security and A2P SMS revenues.

In the joint offering, Cellusys contributes its fully GSMA IR.71 compliant SMS defense filter, which targets threats ranging from international and national connections to own SMSC sources, including SIM boxes. Beepsend contributes its A2P market expertise, tools for proactive penetration testing and monitoring, and assurance that all filter parameters are up-to-date and ahead of the game. Through its connectivity to over 200 international aggregators and service providers, Beepsend manages the operator´s A2P infrastructure efficiently, capturing available SMS volumes through its market-leading API and fully scalable SMS and routing engine.

Beepsend, a Swedish mobile messaging supplier, delivers cloud-based communication services for enterprises, aggregators and operators worldwide.

Cellusys builds precision technology, giving operators complete control of signaling on their mobile networks.