Beeper Communications chooses Simlat mission support platform

Beeper Communications has selected Simlat to design the mission support systems and software for its Unmanned Search and Rescue System project (USRS), the company said.

The project in conjunction with its US counterpart, Mantaro Networks, aims to fill in “capability gaps” for First Responders, as identified by Homeland Security and supported by the National Technology Plan for Emergency Response to Catastrophic Incidents. USRS will combine advanced wireless communication platforms and software, with a patented Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) design, to develop autonomous Search and Rescue (SAR) robots. The robots will aid in emergency response and disaster recovery situations.

Simlat will provide the M3-SAR (Mission Mind Multiplier for Search and Rescue) aspects for the team. M3-SAR is a next-generation mission support system including smart algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and application-specific capabilities. The system has been chosen by Beeper to be included along with the IE 5000 Multi-WAN bonder, and Mantaro´s TeleTrak UGV.

The system is fully backwards compatible, frequency/device agnostic and ideal for the transmission of low-latency (less than one-half second), analog and digital, real-time video and data from the field to the command center, anywhere in the world. Low latency is essential for the operation and control of any unmanned vehicle. The system provides un-tethered mobility in the most challenging environments creating a highly scalable solution, as multiple feeds for any data and video can be daisy chained through the Bonder, leveraging other existing PD/SWAT/MIL assets.