Beeks Financial Cloud Joins Equinix Cloud Exchange to Continue Global Expansion

Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the global interconnection and data center company, said that global financial cloud infrastructure provider Beeks Financial Cloud has deployed on Equinix´s Cloud Exchange as it continues to expand its business globally.

Beeks Financial Cloud leverages Cloud Exchange and Platform Equinix to connect its customers to global cloud services and networks via a secure, private and low-latency interconnection model.

By joining the Equinix Cloud Exchange, Beeks Financial Cloud gains access to instantly connect to multiple cloud service providers (CSPs) in 21 markets, build a more secure application environment and reduce the total cost of private network connectivity to CSPs for its customers.

Beeks Financial Cloud, a UK-based company, first deployed in an Equinix London data center four years ago on one server rack, now has approximately 80 interconnections within Equinix across eight data centers situated in financial business hubs around the world.

Beeks´ new deployment in Equinix´s Cloud Exchange provides the necessary digital infrastructure and access to a mature financial services business ecosystem to connect with major financial services providers in key markets around the globe via the cloud.

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