Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service Pioneers Cloud-Based Control Room Solutions

Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) has announced that Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service is the first fire service in the United Kingdom to utilise the combined Motorola Solutions cloud-based control room solution CommandCentral CRS, the data storage solution CommandCentral Vault as well as the integrated CAD solution delivered by Motorola Solutions partner 3tc, the company said.

By upgrading its operations into one platform, the new solution helps the fire and rescue service in Bedfordshire to manage their end-to-end workflow. CommandCentral Vault, in addition, offers an encrypted, secure, centralised storage solution for all operational digital media assets and associated meta-data. In addition to the Motorola DP4000 two-way radios used by Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service, the new solutions offers a next-generation control room experience, designed to increase operational efficiencies in incident response and streamline processes and critical communications across the organization as a whole.

Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service serves a population of 665,000. As part of its ongoing digital transformation, it needed to replace its legacy control room functionality. The new control room solution provides the control room staff — who receive over 60,000 calls per year – the best digital tools to respond effectively.

The new cloud-based control centre simplifies IT management including the ability to scale data capacity at busy times and reduce costs through the automation of tasks, such as reporting, that were previously done manually. A hosted solution also enhances resilience and support for agile working, so that staff can work remotely and from different sites. In addition, being cloud-based ensures equipment is more secure and resilient.

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