Beco, Aisle411 collaborating on location analytics powered by light

The mobile real-time location platform Beco has partnered with product location technology company Aisle411, the company said.

The partnership empowers retailers with a simple and cost effective way to measure shopper activity based on their in-store location and proximity to nearby products.

Unlike other beacon technology, that require ongoing battery maintenance and disposal, Beco´s patent-pending energy-harvesting beacons leverage existing in-store lighting infrastructure as a means of beacon placement and unlimited energy, making it simple to deploy beacons at scale. Beco´s mobile SDK and cloud-services enable retailer Apps with secure indoor positioning and location analytics. Aisle411 provides retailers the ability to further engage shoppers with in-store navigation, product search, and engagement, like special offers and coupons.

Aisle411 and Beco are currently beta-testing the partnered technology across the US and expect to scale the combined solution in the second quarter 2016.

Beco is a new class of location analytics that captures data using light fixtures. Its battery-free, light-harvesting beacons, mobile SDK, and cloud-services enable enterprise systems with indoor positioning, location analytics, and the ability to search for people and places in real-time.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and founded in 2008, Aisle411 provides a local and in-store search and navigation solution for consumers, and shopper marketing analytics for retailers and brands.