BEC Technologies introduces in-vehicle multi-carrier multi-radio M2M LTE router

BEC Technologies Inc. said it has introduced its advanced in-vehicle 4G LTE M2M router, enabling mobile broadband connectivity for public transit, light rail, commercial Trucking/freight and first responders.

The BEC MX-1000 Advanced In-vehicle 4G/LTE M2M Router is a high performance all-in-one fixed wireless communications platform with enabling high availability, reliable and secure connectivity for mission critical applications and managed services such as: real-time video/CCTV, passenger Wi-Fi connectivity, asset tracking and fleet management.

The MX-1000 features a rugged compact design with integrated 4-port Gigabit switch, carrier-grade Wi-Fi access point, Multiple SSID and Hotspot functionality, multi-function USB host interfaces, embedded GPS with concurrent-multi-GNSS engine for GPS or GLONASS as well as a variety of configurable options such as: dual SIM dual radio, power ignition control and cloud-based remote access/management. To support the growing demands of M2M services, the MXConnect offers Enterprise level routing, advanced security functionality, Quality of Service (QoS), SPI firewall, and auto failover for consistent connectivity and network redundancy.

BEC Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of 3G, 4G/LTE wireless broadband networking solutions for mobile operators, residential, enterprise and Industrial markets.