BeAM Machines' industrial 3D printer arrives at solutions center near CVG

BeAM Machines SAS subsidiary, BeAM Machines, Inc., has announced that its Magic 2.0 machine has arrived at the company´s recently-opened US solutions center facility located in Cincinnati, Ohio, about 30 minutes north of the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport, the company said.

Now equipped with a Magic 2.0, the facility will offer greater capabilities to its nearby customers. This machine is a large scale 5-axis technology designed for serial production or repair of high value components.

The Magic 2.0 is often used by aerospace MRO sites to repair gas turbine engine shaft seals, stator vanes, LPT Blades, as well as other high value components that are historically unrepairable. Other applications for the Magic 2.0 are creating near net shapes versus machining from large expensive forgings, reducing the amount of wasted material as well as the environmental impact by using less energy to manufacture the components.

The Solutions Center will be fully staffed with service technicians, applications and manufacturing engineers, material scientists, machinists and technicians in addition to the business development team and support staff. The 20,000 square foot facility also includes a training center, post processing machine shop, metallurgical laboratory, and a final assembly area for the machines.

BeAM Machines, Inc., provides additive manufacturing solutions to the world´s industry leaders and is proud to be involved in programs that are advancing our world like never before.

BeAM Machines SAS is a French industrial 3D printer manufacturer and specialist in providing directed energy deposition (DED) solutions.