Beacon campaign spotlights ease, convenience of all-you-can-fly travel

Beacon said it has announced a new strategic advertising and marketing campaign titled, “Fly Beacon.”

The campaign highlights Beacon´s membership benefits including unlimited access to regularly scheduled flights without time-wasting airport hassles, allowing business commuters and other travelers to get up in the air and on time for their next meeting, for as little as USD2,000 per month.

Beginning September 15, Beacon´s service will provide efficient travel through regularly scheduled flights between New York and Boston, with plans to expand throughout the Northeast in the coming months. Beacon offers unlimited access to flights with reservations, changes and cancellations made as little as 20 minutes before departure at no additional cost via the Beacon app.

“Beacon is the solution for business travelers and anyone who wants to bring valuable time back into their lives. Right now, it takes four hours to get between New York and Boston, either by train or by flight, when you include the time it takes to check in, go through security screenings, find your terminal, etc. Beacon takes about two hours to get between New York and Boston, so it delivers convenience and offers the priceless gift of time back to travelers,” said Wade Eyerly, CEO and co-founder of Beacon. “We are eager to see this campaign roll out in the places where travelers often spend time, from taxi cabs to train lines, to help travelers understand how Beacon can bring a welcome change to the challenge of East Coast travel.”