BBnet delivers fiber-like broadband to customers in Ireland

Radwin, a global wireless broadband provider, has announced that service provider BBnet has deployed its Jet Pro Point-to-Multipoint solutions to drive high-speed broadband to multinational enterprises and homes in Midwest Ireland, the company said.

A long-standing Radwin customer, BBnet has implemented Radwin´s Jet Pro 750 Mbps base stations with Beamforming antenna technology to provide dedicated uncontended Internet connections with business-class SLAs to enterprise customers. BBnet offers its residential users service packages of up to 50 Mbps using JET, allowing them to enjoy fast Internet browsing speeds and high bandwidth for data-intensive applications such as Netflix and gaming.

Radwin is a provider of Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point broadband wireless solutions deployed in over 170 countries.