Bay State Wind partners with NEC Energy Solutions

Bay State Wind, the 50-50 partnership between Ørsted, the global provider of offshore wind, and Eversource, New England´s premier transmission builder, has announced that it has entered into a Letter of Intent to work collaboratively with Massachusetts-based NEC Energy Solutions to develop an energy storage solution for its 800MW wind / 55 MW — 110 MWh energy storage combined project, the company said.

The Bay State Wind project will represent the world´s largest wind-paired energy storage system for commercial-scale energy, which will be located in the South Coast region of Massachusetts.

This collaborative effort furthers Bay State Wind´s commitment to supporting and promoting energy storage in Massachusetts. Dedicated to growing Massachusetts as a provider of renewable energy, and working to strengthen the supply chain throughout the state, this collaboration will generate jobs in the quickly growing, high demand fields of renewable energy and energy storage.

NEC Energy Solutions´ expertise in developing flexible battery storage solutions will further Bay State Wind´s efforts to help the region in overcoming winter reliability challenges by delivering energy when it is needed most and help to reduce winter peak energy prices and price volatility. It is estimated that the annual winter price reduction would be approximately USD 158 million per year and will enhance grid stability by shifting energy delivery to meet demand profile.

As part of the collaborative effort, Bay State Wind and NEC Energy Solutions will accelerate the development of early commercial integration of storage technologies into the electricity supply chain and capitalize on storage technology´s benefits to clean energy integration, grid reliability, system wide efficiency, and system peak demand reduction. These efforts will further establish the south coast of Massachusetts as a steward of environmental sustainability by becoming home to America´s first commercial-scale offshore wind farm and the largest battery storage pairing system in the world.

Bay State Wind is a proposed offshore wind project located 25 miles off the Massachusetts South Coast and 15 miles off the coast of Martha´s Vineyard, will be America´s first large-scale, commercial wind farm. The project is expected to create more than 1,200 annual jobs during construction of the project and over 10,800 indirect and direct jobs over the life of the project. It will also bring cost efficiencies and innovation to the region.

Bay State Wind is a proposed offshore wind project located 25 miles off the Massachusetts South Coast and 15 miles off the coast of Martha´s Vineyard. The project is a joint venture between Ørsted — the global provider of offshore wind — and Eversource — New England´s premier transmission builder.

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