Battelle empowers industrial robots to do previously impossible tasks

Battelle has once again successfully proven its robotic collision avoidance software, PathPlanâ„¢, in a live demonstration on a life-size mock-up of an air inlet duct of a multi-million dollar military aircraft, the company said.

Most industrial robots are programmed to strictly follow motion sequences. They move only in a predefined path to perform the task and require careful programming to maneuver around any complex regions. When manufacturing or maintenance tasks are repetitive and straightforward, this approach makes sense.

When tasks are less predictable or involve high risk components, the time and expertise required to precisely define and program the exact sequence of motions makes automating these tasks cost prohibitive, if not impossible.

Battelle´s PathPlan autonomous motion planning and collision avoidance software empowers industrial robots to do what has previously been impossible–safely automate the most challenging tasks within confined or hazardous spaces, complex environments, or with high-value workpieces.

The PathPlan software provides a full-featured collision avoidance suite with four components–Teach Mode Collision Avoidance, Pre-Screening, Safe Home Return and Run-Time Monitoring. It is available now as a retrofit to existing systems or as a new system add-on.