Bat Blue publishes Unified Cloud Security book

Unified Cloud Security innovator Bat Blue Networks has released a new book: Unified Cloud Security: A CxO Guide to Building Effective, Agile and Sustainable Security with Cloud/SEC, the company said.

Authored by Bat Blue Founder and CEO, Babak Pasdar and Gillian Ibach, Lead Cyber Intelligence Analyst, the book goes beyond an honest diagnosis that security as it exists is not working, to offer meaningful and specific guidance on how to build effective, agile and sustainable cyber security. Their solution is a radical departure from traditional security´s broken and haphazard approach.

The book is available in the E-book format or as a hard copy by request on Bat Blue´s Web Site.

Bat Blue is the innovator of Unified Cloud Security, a new category of Cloud security that delivers consistent security across all organizational assets: Cloud & SaaS, Mobile & IoT, as well as Brick & Mortar.