Bastille Enterprise Cellular Intrusion Detection Helps With Radio Frequency Threat Remediation

Bastille, the provider of enterprise threat detection through software-defined radio (SDR), has announced its new Bastille Enterprise Cellular Intrusion Detection for enterprises, the company said.

Bastille provides corporations the ability to discover, locate, and mitigate radio borne threats to their assets, facilities and networks. These threats arise from managed, unmanaged and rogue wireless, IoT and Cellular devices.

Bastille does this protection by using SDRs to passively observe the entire radio space in a facility from 60 MHz to 6GHz. More than 70 percent of devices connected to the network today are connected via RF & Cellular and that percentage is growing. Equally important are the radio-enabled and cellular devices in your facility which are NOT connected to your network; those which enter daily with employees and visitors, and those installed by contractors into your buildings.

Bastille now has 17 US Patents issued and more pending. Bastille´s software-defined sensor arrays scan from 60 MHz to 6 GHz. Within that range, Bastille has more than a dozen protocol decoders, including Cellular, Wifi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), ZigBee, DECT and others. Using software-defined radios we see all the emitters distinctly, and then by using protocol decoders in the arrays we digitally demodulate the protocols.

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