Basta Holdings changes name to BlackPoll Fleet International

Basta Holdings, Corp. (OTC PINK: BSTA) (OTC PINK: BSTAD) said it has announced key corporate developments that are serving to position the company to transition from a commission-only aircraft management advisory company to a full service air charter and owner/provider of a fleet of world class, medium utility helicopters.

The company has implemented a corporate rebranding initiative, renaming the company from Basta Holdings, Corp. to BlackPoll Fleet International, Inc.

The inspiration for this unique new name is the blackpoll warbler, whose transoceanic flight has been the subject of over 25 scientific studies. Averaging the weight of a ballpoint pen, this brave and highly committed little bird is capable of flying non-stop up to 2,400 miles, over 80 hours, in virtually any weather condition.

Jacob Gitman, Ph.D., BlackPoll´s Chief Executive Officer, noted, “Given the blackpoll warbler´s great tenacity, strength and proven dedication, we felt that it was the ideal expression of who BlackPoll Fleet International is and boasts the same characteristics that we believe are inherent in our company and the people within our ranks.”

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, BlackPoll Fleet is leveraging the strength and industry influence of its leaders to rapidly become a trusted provider of private aircraft charter and diverse intercontinental aviation services to a growing global customer base of US and foreign government agencies, peacekeeping and humanitarian relief organizations, multinational corporate enterprises and high value passengers and groups.