BAE Systems to provide electronic warfare suite for C-130s

The US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has selected BAE Systems to provide new electronic warfare (EW) systems for its fleet of AC/MC-130J aircraft, the company said.

BAE Systems will upgrade the aircraft´s survivability equipment with the capability to detect, identify, locate, deny, degrade, disrupt, and defeat various threats that aircrews encounter in hostile and challenging environments.

This final selection follows a competition that included a system design phase and critical technology demonstration. The company received a USD 67 million contract modification to a competitively awarded contract. This new phase of the program is for the systems integration and installation of the EW systems — all to be conducted over the next 30 months. The contract´s total value, including all options, is expected to exceed USD 300 million.

Designed to be integrated into both the Air Force´s AC-130J Ghostrider and MC-130J Commando II aircraft, the company´s Radio Frequency Countermeasure (RFCM) system supports varied and critical Special Operation Forces missions, including armed over-watch, helicopter refueling, close air support, and interdiction in contested territory.