BAE Systems launches aircraft early warning solution

BAE Systems has released its 3-Dimensional Advanced Warning System (3DAWS) product suite designed to significantly increase aircraft survivability from advanced threats, the company said.

Developed to address the ever-changing and proliferating threat environment, the 3DAWS suite protects aircraft during complex, multi-threat engagement scenarios through a layered countermeasure defense, allowing aircrews to safely complete their missions. It not only maximizes the effectiveness of current flare and directable infrared countermeasure systems, but it also provides the necessary tracking capabilities for future soft- and hard-kill countermeasure solutions to damage or destroy incoming threats.

At the heart of 3DAWS is BAE Systems´ passively-cued, semi-active radio frequency 3D Tracker technology. Serving as an adjunct to the company´s Common Missile Warning System or any future passive threat detection system, the 3D Tracker technology provides the third dimension to the system´s detection process and allows for definitive threat assessment.

Built to be highly modular and with open architecture standards, the 3DAWS suite integrates with all existing US Army aircraft, has the flexibility to work with fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, and can be tightly integrated with existing radar or laser warning systems, providing a third dimension to those passive systems.

BAE Systems´ threat management solutions offer survivability technology for airborne, ground, and maritime applications that automatically sense, process, and respond to a wide variety of threats.