BabbleLabs Provides Instant Access to Superior Speech Enhancement & Noise Elimination Technology

BabbleLabs™, a Silicon Valley-based speech science technology leader, announced the release of Clear Edge for Developers, a software development kit that provides instant access to the best-performing noise-elimination technology available, the company said.

When integrated into their audio Stack, VoIP providers and conferencing, collaboration and communications software vendors can build differentiated edge software applications with AI-based speech enhancement to deliver crystal clear audio without distracting background noise and reverberation, at low latencies necessary for real-time conversations.

People can have voice and video calls from anywhere, but collaborative communication applications can be unproductive due to pervasive background noise. Through the combination of best-in-class deep learning, speech science and embedded systems, Clear Edge technology allows software vendors to provide productive calls from anywhere, on any device — even in the noisiest environments.

It reduces noise by as much as 40dB (10,000 times), outperforming any other software on the market with a simple API for superior experience across all popular platforms and devices. The software allows application vendors to balance compute level, power and speech output clarity to fit every use case across devices and applications.

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