Azalead raises EUR4.5m, announces new B2B ad retargeting software

B2B marketing software provider Azalead announced a EUR4.5M round of funding led by Idinvest Partners, with investor Aurinvest, and the launch of its account based marketing (ABM) platform that serves display ads to specific target accounts, the company said.

The new B2B marketing software is built around Azalead´s patent pending company ID technology that uses cookies and machine learning to detect the names of companies visiting a website even if they visit from unregistered IP´s. The Azalead platform draws data from the client´s website and a database of over 180 million international companies.

Azalead enables marketers to identify, track and nurture target accounts with display ads even if they never fill in a webform. Its platform is powered by patent pending company ID technology that detects company visitors even if they visit from an unregistered IP address.

Idinvest Partners provides European private equity and venture capital with over EUR6 billion under management.