Ayyeka, SIGFOX create channel partnership to enable smart cities

Ayyeka has partnered with SIGFOX to create energy efficient smart cities, the company said.

The SIGFOX network, with seven million devices currently in operation, is designed for low-power IoT devices, enabling Ayyeka´s remote monitoring solutions (wavelet kits), to collect and transmit data from remotely dispersed infrastructure and assets to SCADA systems and other business intelligence and analytic platforms. Together, Ayyeka smart sensor networks operating with SIGFOX communication will enable data collection to allow for increased operational performance, ensuring regulatory compliance, and protection of public health and safety.

Ayyeka said it is working with utilities and other infrastructure operators to streamline and secure the process of bringing field data to decision makers and Industrial Control Systems (ICS). In addition to solutions for the water and wastewater industry, Ayyeka offers a next generation data collection process for oil and gas, power grid, environmental, agriculture and smart city applications.

Ayyeka is a machine-to-machine technology company developing industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions to develop modular infrastructure monitoring solutions.