Ayscom taps Procera Networks for virtualized big data analytics

Procera Networks, Inc. said that Ayscom has joined the Procera Premier Partner Program.

Ayscom provides test and monitoring solutions in Spain and Portugal, delivering complete infrastructure analytics for its service provider and enterprise customers. Ayscom has partnered with Procera to gain access to the eVolution product line, thereby helping to better differentiate its analytics offerings with a fully virtualized analytics suite.

Procera´s Premier Partner Program launched in January 2016 and is awarded to highly skilled partners that can deliver a higher level of service and support to Procera´s customers around its subscriber QoE, policy enforcement, and big data analytics solutions. One of the other benefits for partners is Procera´s program offers exclusivity in each region, making Ayscom the first Premier Partner in Spain and Portugal.

Since its inception in 2002, Procera Networks has become a leading subscriber and network intelligence provider. The continued development of its award-winning ScoreCard and eVolution technologies, in addition to the benefits its solutions hold for network operators around data insights, traffic management, and policy control, lets Procera meet the ever-changing needs of service providers both today and in the heavily virtualized future.