Axiros sets up ACS upgrade to manage enterprise VoIP for Swisscom

Axiros said it has implemented an Axiros AXESS.ACS device management and provisioning server, orchestrating Swisscom´s VoIP services for enterprise and business customers.

AXESS provides Swisscom “zero-touch” auto configuration and general management of VoIP end devices and also a deeply integrated business VoIP back office infrastructure.

With the support of both direct CPE management and back office provisioning on one single platform, Axiros AXESS allows Swisscom to set up and run deeply integrated and (on AXESS´ northbound side) highly abstracted service delivery and management flows in an ultra flexible and scalable, yet reliable, fashion with a large number of devices.

By not having to travel to the customer, this fully automated solution is a huge time and cost advantage and increases end customer satisfaction. Things like initialization, reconfiguration, firmware downloads and general real-time subscriber support can all be done remotely through a self-service portal.

Founded in 2002, Axiros has sales and service offices located in Aarau, Boston, Lisbon, Milan, Sao Paolo, Singapore and development centers in Germany and Russia.