Axiologix enters direct operator billing mobile payments market

Axiologix, Inc. (OTC: AXLX) has entered into a joint venture with SLA Mobile to enter the growing direct operator billing mobile payments market, the company said.

The partnership was accomplished using an all-stock transaction through a newly formed subsidiary, SLA Digital Inc., that results in Axiologix owning 51 percent of the new entity with SLA Mobile owning the remaining 49 percent. SLA Mobile received 500 million shares of AXLX common stock, resulting in SLA Mobile holding a 44 percent beneficial ownership in AXLX.

SLA Digital Inc. provides digital services such as direct operator billing, in conjunction with leading mobile operators throughout Africa, the Middle East and Asia that enables it to connect content providers with end customers using its proprietary mobile payment platform ´Alacrity´.

Axiologix, Inc. operates in the mobile payments and international remittance markets. A key focus is on un-banked and under-banked communities both in the United States and around the world. The company provides disruptive ´Cloud´ banking services such as member-to-member payments and merchant services using cell phones and the Internet, along with linked debit cards for convenience and international mobile money remittance transfers at a keystroke.