Axia expands privately funded Internet initiative into US

Axia (TSX: AXX) has explored fiber optic Internet expansion into the US by evaluating which America cities are interested in a 100 percent privately funded Gbps-enabled FTTP network, the company said.

The company said US cities with 20,000 to 100,000 premises reaching a minimum threshold of 40 percent expressions of interest are candidates for the company´s FTTP network and eligible for Axia fiber investment.

Axia provides services over pure fiber networks that it owns and operates. Axia´s experience includes FTTP deployments in Alberta (Canada), France and Singapore. All its networks utilize fiber design methodologies and network electronics operating on an open access platform.

Axia´s open access model allows for end users to purchase Gbps-capable network services directly or through value added providers utilizing Axia´s flexible network access models.

Axia provides fiber optic Internet services; symmetrical upload and download speeds from 100Mbps or one Gbps and unlimited data usage.