Avotek updates avionics series textbook

Avotek has announced the release of an updated version of Avionics: Beyond the AET second edition, the company said.

The avionics series consists of four titles, with Beyond the AET coming in as the second book. Its main purpose is preparing students to pass their NCATT Radio Communication Systems, Dependent Navigation Systems, and Autonomous Navigation Systems tests.

The textbook, originally written in 2012 by Tom Inman, serves a very important role within the avionics series. However, as technology progressed, portions of the book slowly became more out of date. Inman realized this and took action. With Avotek helping out, Inman updated the textbook to be the most current and accurate it could be.

Updates for the second edition include the latest in radio communication theory and practice, the latest in aviation dependent navigation systems (specifically GBAS and GLS), added new terminology, illustrations and photos, index terms, glossary definitions, and more. Outdated material was replaced with what is most current.